Byzant Tarot and Kabbalah

Byzant Tarot roots originated in medieval Europe. The heart of the tarot is the Major Arcana and 22 trump cards which are familiar, archetypal ones, such as the Lovers, the Hermit and Death.  Variant deck holds 56 cards in four suits corresponding to the elements and the Kabbalistic worlds. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is built from 22 paths and ten spheres, the Tarot from 22 trumps and suits of ten cards. The Tree acts through four worlds, the Tarot through four suits. The Tarot embodies the Tree.


Kabbalah origin as an integral part of Judaism is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between an unchanging, eternal and mysterious and the mortal and finite universe (his creation). In Kabbalistic study the Otz Chiim is referred to the Tree of Life. The Tree encapsulates creation in twenty-two connecting paths and the return to the divine in ten spheres. It also presents methods to aid understanding of these concepts and to thereby attain spiritual realisation.
Kabbalah originally developed entirely within the realm of Jewish thought and kabbalists often use classical Jewish sources to explain and demonstrate its esoteric teachings. Meditation is the best way to deepen understanding of the Kabbalah. The sefirotic attribute helps exploring the Tree in both the immanent and transcendent directions.

Byzant Symbols

Esoteric symbols resemble Stars and every area of spiritual knowledge has its own symbols. You can find them in Indian Tattvas to the trigrams of the I Ching, from the Jewish Kabbalah to the medieval Tarot cards. Many profound and important symbols have arisen from Eastern philosophy and religion. Byzant Symbols include a few symbols from the wisdom teachings of the East, like The Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Zen. From the flawless simplicity of yin-yang, to the extempore enso, perfect in its imperfections, these symbols have much to offer the seeker on any spiritual path.

Byzant Tarot

Byzant tarots consist of tarots which are remarkable repository of esoteric knowledge and a powerful tool for spiritual and psychological exploration. Try the Tarot for yourself with an extensive range of full positional interpretations! You can choose from a variety of spreads and decks to cover all sorts of questions and purposes: simple, complex and calendar readings are all available. A single card is chosen and interpreted for you to cover the coming day, week or month. Tarot decks have a standard structure but Byzant Tarots have variable decks that help you explore yourself in detail. Tarot Spreads covered here include One Card, Simple, Triskele, Horseshoe, Celtic cross and Calendar spreads.

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 Byzant Tarot and Kabbalah


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