Tarot Decks of Cards

There are many different tarot decks of cards to choose from, covering anything from gnomes to dragons. The best suggestion I can make to you is to look at some examples on the internet and if you feel drawn to one set of images more than others, that should be your indication. I have listed just a few of the decks available- The Visconti-Sforza deck which originated from the end of the 15th century, The Minchiate Etruria, which was used in Italy as early as the Renaissance, The Tarot of Marseille which was popularized in France in the 16th century, The Rider- Waite deck which are completely pictorial offering immediate depth and accessibility in their precise imagery. They were first issued in 1910. TheCrowley or Thoth tarot, designed and painted during the Second World War, The IJJ tarot which dates back to around 1670 and the Crystal tarot, a modern deck inspired by artist Gustav Klimt and illustrated by Elisabetta Trevisan.


Tarot Decks of Cards

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