Latin Tarot Readings

Latin tarot has it’s roots in medieval history and was the common form of tarot before the modern era began. The cards are based on medieval impressions of the world at that time and have a definite feeling of antiquity about them (and terminology e.g. Kronos) of the time.

Perhaps the most famous Latin tarot Specialist is Dennis Lapierre who offers specialist readings based on this historical deck. I myself am not expert in Latin Tarot divination though the history of the deck does interest me.

Latin Tarot Cards

Dennis Lapierre’s Latin Tarot Site. [Read more]

Latin Tarot Video

Latin Tarot is the greatest if you want to read Latin Tarot for yourself. Or read Latin Tarot for your family and friends. Maybe you want to read Latin Tarot for money. Find out more about Latin Tarot.

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