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Maria Tarot Spreads For Decision Making

Maria asks…

What does the Queen of pentacles, the lovers and the high priestess mean?

These are in sequence of queen of pentacles, the lovers and the high priestess. Is this combition has any purpose behind it?

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Isaac Grant answers:

First allow me to state that in order to properly answer your question one would need to know the exact positioning of said cards, and what spread you were using. However given the limited information I will attempt to answer as best I am able.

The Queen of Pentacles, a higher court card represents being very down to earth, responsibility, being efficient, and practical. She may however get so caught up in what shes doing that shes loses sight of the big picture. For example, while so fixated on making the perfect cake for the party she may not notice the birthday girl who wants to help. She is very well organised and well intentioned.

The Lovers, one of the major arcana represents a choice or more importantly different ways to make a choice. You may choose to follow your head or your heart completely, but this card suggests there is a way to use both in the decision making process, leading to a better balance and harmony.

The High Priestess, also major arcana is about knowledge and understanding. A sharing of knowledge, not keeping secrets. It suggests one refrain from action and wait, listening to intuition and searching for a knowledge that is beyond common logic. It can also mark the beginning of a new spiritual journey. It suggests that the truth you seek is neither black nor white, but somewhere in between.

Now given that, and my extremely little knowledge of the spread used or positioning of the cards I can only offer an extremely rough suggestion. It seems to me as if the person in question (Queen of Pentacles) is facing a major decision, shown by the magnitude of the selected cards (all major players in the tarot) and is being told to stop where she stands for a moment. Stop, look inside yourself for the answer, the better choice. The answer is there and only you have it. Stop listening to outside influences, stop fighting over logic and emotion, merge the two and see what you get. The answer is there, you just have to look inside yourself to find it. Chances are you already know what it is.

Charles Tarot Spreads For Decision Making

Charles asks…

A question for psychics or Tarot Readers?

The person in question has a birthdate of 2/2/73. What the hell is going on with this person, and when will we be in contact?

I tried doing a spread for myself, but I tend to manipulate my own readings, so any and all insight is appreciated. Thanks!

IG2 cropped Tarot Spreads For Decision Making

Isaac Grant answers:

Okay, I drew three cards and asked what is going on with him, why isn’t he in contact with you, and when will be get back in contact with you:

2 of Swords
8 of Swords
5 of Wands

I interpret this to mean is that right now he’s stuck in the middle of something and has to make a decision of some kind. He isn’t contacting you because he really has to deal with this situation first – he’s metaphorically “tied up” right now. I agree that it looks like he’s stalling – he doesn’t want to admit that only he can sort this out, and is waiting for someone to “rescue” him.

The 5 of Wands indicates that although this situation is annoying and frustrating, there’s nothing hugely wrong and it will eventually have a happy ending. So it seems that you will be in contact again at some point.

Timing is hard to tell, but I’m guessing give it 5 weeks or so before you start panicking.

Sandy Tarot Spreads For Decision Making

Sandy asks…

Tarot: How often should/can I consult the tarot? Or how often can I ask the tarot the same question?

Also, which spread do you recommend? And why? Thanks!

IG2 cropped Tarot Spreads For Decision Making

Isaac Grant answers:

The tarot as a tool only has value when consulted with intent.

If you ask the same question repeatedly your intention is to hear what you want so the cards drawn will become erratic. If you have asked a question on love, and it is negatively aspected it will stay that way until you change who you are interested in or change yourself to an extent that makes a life change possible.

When information is received you are getting a glimpse into yourself, if you use this information and try to create life with modifications to ensure better outcomes you will find that you do not need to read the same question. Where you may be obsessing, then it is time to put the cards down and ask yourself what answer you are seeking and if realistic, take the appropriate action to bring that result forward.

I like the celtic cross for it’s diversity, complexity and simplicity. However, different types of layouts, and you can develop your own, can give different depths of information.

When there is a relationship question for expample, if you did a celtic cross, you would get a card for outcome of this reading, you could take this card and open it up by building a layout around it.

Or if you have a specific person in mind and the cards show you a union with problems, you could do a parallel path layout (my own) and determine which areas are challenging, and work towards harmony through understanding.

So if you ask a question, it should really be asked only once unless something big changes. If you trust cards then why would you need to ask more of the same.

If you have asked a question and did not like the answer, i will guarantee it was the right one. So anything after that should be a question of the best way forward, or past the situation.

Cards are not decision makers, they are revealers of what already exists that may not be apparent. People make decisions so the capacity of a card is limited to information.

Mandy Tarot Spreads For Decision Making

Mandy asks…

What did my tarot card draw mean?

i asked a question concerning my running which has totally gone down hill because i got sick, i recently ran a horrible race. i’ve been feeling so discouraged and depressed even though i know i need to be positive. i asked the cards for advice and i pulled the “universe” card, which in a regular deck is “the world” what do you make of that? what was it trying to tell me? thanks icon smile Tarot Spreads For Decision Making
another card flipped over and it was the light card, or sun card in regular decks.

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Isaac Grant answers:

Anything you want it to mean, or anything that you can rationalize as having meaning pertinent to your life.
Tarot cards are not magic, they cannot predict anything. They are simple pieces of mass-produced, laminated cardstock, and are a classic scam, akin to “shooting fish in a barrel” – within certain parameters you always know where the “fish” will be.
Within the confines of the structures of our daily lives (the barrel) there are usually certain conditions, events, and types of people that are common to all (the fish), and the tarot cards play off of those commonalities. The “incredible predictions” the cards can “make” are not incredible at all – they are simply common possible outcomes that are given personal meaning only by our ability to ignore logic and rationalize our own meanings into the card spread.
If you have only 500 possible common outcomes and you allow the cards to narrow those outcomes down based on your own interpretation of their “meanings”, then eventually and rather often you will find that the limited outcomes dovetail in some way with events in your life.
That’s not magic, it is simply mathematics and psychology. The cards have always been recognized by clever people, especially scam artists, as a slick trick of psychology useful in leading people down certain paths, whether to exercise some degree of control over their thoughts, behavior, or decisions. The most common trick of course, is to use the cards as a means to separate marks from their money.

Paul Tarot Spreads For Decision Making

Paul asks…

Could someone help me with the meaning of this short tarot spread (only 3 cards)?

A friend did the spread for me but she is just learning and wasn’t sure. I asked if my ex and I would be back together, I pulled 3 cards (Rider Waite Deck) From the view of the reader:

Left: 5 of cups
Center: The Star
Right: The Lovers

Thank you in advance icon smile Tarot Spreads For Decision Making

IG2 cropped Tarot Spreads For Decision Making

Isaac Grant answers:

The five of cups is betrayal in a relationship that occurred in the past and regret over past actions.

The Star card is going through a lot of troubles but there is hope.

The Lovers is having choices and having to make a decision about the relationship in the future. So the jury is still out on this relationship. It is going to depend on decisions you both make.

Is there anyone else involved with either you or your ex? Spirit seems to be saying that there is a triangle meaning an extra person having something to do with one of you.

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