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The Origins of Thoth Tarot

The Thoth Tarot is a system of divinatory Tarot deck representations that was painted by Lady Frieda according to guidelines and instructions from Aleister Crowley. During the early fifteenth century in Europe, Tarot first became popular in card form that was assisted by the creation of the printing press. As a matter of fact, the real Tarot playing began in Italy in the 1440s with the early images of the twenty of the twenty-two Major Arcana (secret) cards, even though you can now play the game in almost every nook and corner of Europe where it was painted. It came together with the earliest Ferrarese references and Tarot decks.
The popular Tarot deck contained the usual 56-card deck augmented with a pecking arrangement of 22 symbolic trump cards. This produced the 78-card Tarot, referred to as carte da trionfi which stands for cards with trumps. Tarot became popular very fast and also became wider in northern Italy with Milan, Bologna and Ferrara being the near the beginning centers of the game. Furthermore, richly painted decks with gold and silver backgrounds were launched by the wealthy, while printed decks were used by commoners and nobles. A record from 1436 revealed that the d’Este court at Ferrara had their own printing press for making cards.

Thoth Tarot ReadingThe growth of Tarot game moved from Italy to France and further to Switzerland, Germany and far beyond making it extremely fashionable in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. During this period, Tarot trumps on the other hand found employment as imaginary ornamentation. For instance, an involved riddle was published in which the answer was Tarot.
The middle of the 1700s experienced vast development in the game of Tarot, a modernized deck, along with a development in the popularity of Tarot. The hundred years along with roughly 1730 and 1830 were the peaceful days of the game of Tarot. Tarot was played in Northern Italy, Switzerland, eastern France, Germany, Austro-Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia and Denmark. Beginning around 1750, a restructured Tarot deck became popular in a lot of areas. The prevalent French suit-signs Р Clubs, Spades, Diamonds and Hearts replaced the older Italian ones during this period, while the trumps began to be double-headed around 1780. The later part of the 18th century even witnessed more portentous development of Tarot.

According to Thoth Tarot reading, prior to the introduction of Tarot Decks that is now used today, the Visconti family’s deck served a recreational activity for the dignity. The structure of the modern deck of Tarot cards remains identical to the game decks enjoyed in the fifteenth century across five centuries. Still in print till today, the Marseilles family of decks is the oldest of the standard Tarot deck pattern.

How Thoth Tarot is different from other Tarot forms

Thoth Tarot deck game is different from other games for the fact that even the game was established long ago, it is still played till today unlike other games that are no more popular. Furthermore, the structure of the modern deck of Tarot cards remains identical to the game decks enjoyed in the fifteenth century.

Thoth Tarot Card features

The Thoth Tarot card features 80 cards with 3 Magicians that you can choose from.

Each card of Thoth Tarot card features a banner at the bottom which indicates the suit where the card is from or whether it is a Major Arcana – Trump card.

Other features of Thoth Tarot card going by Thoth Tarot reading are the Major Arcana which are the Magus, Fool, Empress, Priestess, Emperor, Lust, Lovers, Hierophant, Chariot, Fortune, Hermit, Hanged Man, Adjustment, Art, Death, Devil, Star, Tower, Sun, Moon, Universe and Aeron. The court cards are the Knight or King, Prince, Queen and Princess. The last of the features of Thoth Tarot card are the Suit names – Cups, Wands, Disks or Pentacles and the swords.

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